Carrying Your Story


"The Awakening" builds up as the protagonist and his party rally to overcome the odds they are about to face. A hymn to the glory of bravery, friendship, and hope.

"The Magic Music Box" is the naive little tune that escapes a little music box a girl finds in the depth of a forest. Little does she know of the curious creatures that emerge behind her and close in on the source of that melody...


A theme can be the singular audio piece in a short film or the inspirational foundation in a larger project. It is the musical statement that not only accopmanies but completes the atmosphere created by a visual scenery.

When properly brought in sync with motion pictures, themes underline and accentuate visual cues and add another dimension to the film. We work with 'Pro Tools 11' and are ready to receive your Pro Tools projects or bare videoclips for post production.