Sound FX
...because 'pew-pew' just isn't the same without the "pew-pew".


"The Gate Of Destiny Opens" is the sound of two large stone wheel slowly rotating into place to reveal a passage when they finally overlap perfectly. The low rumble conveys a sense of grandiose scale while the higher pitched elements indicate the chafing of the stone.

"Open Inventory" is a classical example of a high tech sound of an inventory space opening up. The snapping, bleeping, and chirping have been established so firmly in the minds of the audience as to be an inseparable part of 'in the far distance future'-interface, we almost forget that almost everyone today already turns off their interface sounds. Nonetheless, hearing this will immediately let your audience know: someone in the future just opened something!

"Orb Generates Health Pellet" is a fairly complex soundfx with lots of stuff going on. It represents the action of a half-magic / half-hightech device dispelling some sort of health pellet. The high pitched little chirping sounds immediately bring images of swirling light sparks to mind, while the harmonious low humming let's the player relax and know, something good is about to happen. The sound of water clashing softly indicates the climax of the animation, when the health pellet is finally released and associates this process with something being born from the ocean (yes, go ahead, think of Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus").

"Moving Orb" is the sound of a medium sized entity propelling itself forward through the air while pulsing a softly dimmer light. The spherical pad sound, gently phasing back and forth, is the aural equivalent to the pulsing light, while the sound of "blowing into a fast moving propeller"-sound clearly indicates some hightech based motion functionality.

"Mech Unit Jumps" leaves no doubt on the viewers' and listeners' minds that some large hydraulics just sprung into action, causing a heavy mech unit to vault into the air only to be caught by the same powerful hydraulics to dampen the landing soon after. To indicate the complexity of this seemingly simple procedure, the delicately balanced work of valves snapping open and shut can be heard, as they allow the pressure to build up and be released in a controlled fashion.

Sound FX

Imagine a world, where laserguns didn't make a 'pew-pew' sound. Where tie-fighters didn't scream even in space as they zip by. Where lightsabres dont go 'woosh-woosh' through the air and making that crackling/sizzling sound when pressed against one another. Yes...we are also having difficulties breathing right now and sound a bit like Darth Vader.

At Phrostylicious Productions we carefully craft soundfx from multiple top notch quality raw sound libraries to deliver soundfx that will make your production - whether game, film, or radio ad, etc. - cause a real impact.