Everything is better with music.



At Phrostylicious Productions we also gladly write and produce songs for you. Whether you have the lyrics and want some music for those, you have an idea for a melody and would like to have it turned into a proper song, are looking for the perfect wedding, birthday, or anniversary gift: we've got you covered! Of course, if you'd like to send us your vocal tracks and have us produce your songs for you into a state-of-the-art sound, perfectly mixed and mastered, just get in touch with us and let's talk.

Covering a vast range of styles, we will happily sit down and get writing or fire up the good ol' beat machine and punch some slick electro tracks out for you: Phrostylicious Productions is your one-stop song shop.

"Appleseed" is an upbeat, happy little song that we wrote for an elementary school teacher and her class. She needed a song of appropriate length that should play when the children have to start cleaning up their little project-/work-places and get back on their chairs. She was very happy with the song and - almost more importantly - the kids love it, too.

"Thought Prism" is a #progressiveHouse track that was a birthday gift requested from a guy as a gift for his partner. We love this kinda stuff and made sure that the sound of the song matched what he had in mind. The classic fading in and out of sound elements and gives this song the characteristic structure of a progressive house track.