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We like to consider jingles to be the big sibling of audio-logos. Where audio-logos are short and sweet, jingles are a bit longer and sweet! They typcially accompany the animation of a logo and support and emphasize the build up and release phase the viewer is presented. At times this also requires them to function in a very similar way to soundfx, in that they might accentuate the visual cues of a brief animation with respective aural accents.

While a jingle is possibly not quite as necessary as a soundfx, they really do make the difference between a great animation and a really great animation that has that professional shine. We are more than happy to join you in the phase of fleshing out the concept for a jingle or will also forge a jingle according to your specification, if you already know exactly what you want. Either way, your individual jingle will put that polished veneer onto your production!

An upbeat, techy jingle that conveys an uplifting mood in a slightly urban outfit. The brief element of a proper beat gives a strong sense of structure to this jingle, that finally resolves in a floating, loungy chord that phases through the air while the animation is complete.